About Us

You tell us the ends, we give you the means.

TechBrise is an online IT solutions service provider formed with the main objective to provide exclusive, innovative and feature rich IT services globally. We have come out of the shadows and joined forces with like minds to provide custom services to our clients. We love challenges and our technical advocates have an insatiable appetite when it comes to delivery, quality and measurable results. Our commitment is to deliver fresh and brilliant IT experiences. We go beyond designing, developing, deploying and managing. TechBrise is not limited to giving your business a virtual existence, we anticipate your success. Tell us what you picture and leave the pitchwork to us.


Open Source Contributions

At TechBrise, we believe in collective responsibility. We are open to collaborate with other developers to make the world a better place for all through coding.


Hours Experienced

We have handled loads of customer web jobs for quite a long time.


Team members

Our Tech team is made up of more than 20 members worldwide. Team work makes dream work.

Our goal is to become the leading web and mobile agency of choice across the continents with a mission for social responsibility through empowerment.

TechBrise values: Pillars of our constant growth


Web designing and coding are our driving force. Our enthusiasm rest on every day’s learning and improving our skills all for the sake of serving you better.


We are happy techies who love our job and have skills spread over coding and web designing.


Giving is among our core values. We are determined to help our clients and more so each other for better service delivery. We believe giving a helping hand to each other makes us better.

Our Mission

TechBrise was birthed with the core mission to consistently grow as a leading agency and support for clients and partners. We aim to offer only the best in web and mobile app development in terms of services and solutions. This will allow our clients to invent, innovate and reap maximum results from their businesses.

Talk to us today about your business tomorrow.

Our Strength

At TechBrise we are not shy to admit that our team and working culture are the basis of our strength. We allow our team members to be creative and experimentive as that is the only way we can be a true solutions provider. We work hard and smart. Our culture of empathy and care towards staff and clients ensures that no one is left out. We are mindful of our team members as mental health is becoming a global concern. Great thinkers in the IT sector need healthy minds. When it comes to clients, we do custom work and before you worry about your budget we will lend you our ears. We have team members in over 20 countries and we encourage communication which we engage in consistently to ensure that the team member has all the support they require and that the client’s work is being done as expected. We are so excited about what we do and the different aspects of web solutions that we interact with. Our team members are our people and our culture makes us a tribe that is always on the same page. It’s just amazing what so many minds with the same goal can achieve.

Our Team Members

Aditya Pandey

- Business Analyst

“Overconfidence can ruin you, so replace it with confidence.”

Ashish Kumar

-Software Engineer

“Fake it till you make it.......”

Akshat Sharma

Software Engineer

“Push yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.”


Abhishek Singh

-Sr. QA

“Have no fear of PERFECTION, you'll never reach it.”

Vijay Sharma

-Software Engineer

“Motivation? It's right inside you.”

Lipika Chadel

-Software Engineer

“Life is too short, spend it wisely.”

Ritika Aggarwal

-Software Engineer

“I will win not immediately but definitely.”

Shashank Dixit

-Software Engineer

“Where there is a will, there is a way. ”

Our Happy Clients

Web designing and coding is becoming common; but what makes a clients and their customers happy is what matters to us. Can you identify the brands below? They are among our happy Clients. Quality service delivery runs in our veins.

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